My Black Duck Event


While walking to church this past Sunday I saw a bird in the distance resting on a snow bank. I thought nothing of it until I approached the bird and it spread its wings and flew a few yards further down the sidewalk. That’s when I noticed that this was a duck, an American Black Duck. Quite strange for it to be on a busy street in Boston in the dead of winter. In my mind this was a “Black Swan Event,” an event that is very rare and unexpected.

In this case it was a “Black Duck Event.” So I paused for a moment to ponder why a bird that is made to live around the water would be on a busy Boston street sitting on top of a snow bank. The bird must have lost its natural instincts; it is no longer interested in flying south for the winter; it has lost its ability to identify with its natural habitat.

This made me think that we as humans have lost our connection with our natural habitat. We do things for style instead of efficiency and health. House windows once faced south to take in more natural light, but today architects rarely think about such things. This is a part of a movement called Permaculture, a philosophy that incorporates the natural habitat to best provide for people to thrive. We should include permaculture more in our everyday lives whenever feasible. One way is to choose to workout by walking a mile to the store or riding your bike to work during the nice summer weather instead of always choosing to drive the car everywhere.

Burn calories instead of gas and let us be smarter in our activities so that we may thrive and prosper.



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